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Epoka is an outsourcing company, that provide highly trained IT specjalists. In our teams, we got frontend, backend and web application developers. For our developers we got lot of courses that depends on new technologies. And last but not least, we help developers in their carrier path.

Epoka i programiści podczas pracy

Our values

Frontend & Backend

We got projects for frontend and backend developers. You are one of them? Welcome in our team!

IT value

We know how much is worth a developer, with specific skill set. We can value you and negotiate the best terms for you.


We don’t keep secrets. We don’t like understatements. Our commission and everything that applies to you is not a secret.

Real actions

We’re looking for solutions, to meet expectations of our partners and developers


You hate unnecessary meetings? Welcome aboard. We only meet, when we have to.


We know how improving your skills is important. Especially in IT.

Need developers?

Many companies have problems with recruiting developers. We all know, how big is demand for them. Trends shows, that the problem with developers availability will be much higher in the next years.

At Epoka, we got many developer teams ready, to take your project 

Epoka dostarcza developerów

Ready for new project

Developers that we outsource are ready to take some new project. Don’t waste time at recruiting process. Call us and check developers that we got.

Experienced developers

We got only the best skilled developers. All of our teams have plenty years of experience at commercial projects.

Quick recruitment

Don’t waste your time for a long time recreation process. With us, you will have access to new developers all the time.

Find new developers with Epoka

Epoka i jej developerzy
Epoka i praca developera

Work with the biggest

We have many years of experience working with big companies for their projects. Our developers works for companies like HSBC, Liberty Mutual, UBS, Orange.

Always open to new developers

We are looking for new partners for cooperation in the IT sector. We are open to developers, that want to join teams, that are created by developers for developers.

What will you gain at epoka?


New interesting project

We will help you with the recruitment process. Starting from searching companies and project thro verifying them and recommending best offers to you.


Salary negotiation

We will do the whole negotiation process with the company for you. Thanks to that, you will have the best terms of cooperation.


Raise your

We would like to invest in developers, who wants to raise their skills. At Epoka we provide the best courses for IT specialists.

Epoka is a place, where other developers will be glad, to help you with your project. You can find here lot of experience people, who will help you and give you support, when you need it.

For the sake of development

Path to be a better developer

We know, that in IT improving your skills is key. Othere wise you won’t be able to work with the newest technologies. At Epoka, we provide you with courses, that will help you rise your skills and gine new ones

Epoka zapewnia pakiety szkoleń

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